Add custom Field on the form when creating a PO

Is it possible to add a custom field to show when creating a PO. e.g. I want to keep track of cheque number.

At the moment, no. But you could use the new invoicing feature to generate an invoice and track payments on purchase orders.

Edit: With that said, we might still need to customize the invoicing feature to include a place for payment information (e.g. check number and amount). For example, we could add an Apply Payment feature to the invoicing to allow you to enter the date, type of payment, reference # and total amount.

A better (albeit, more complicated) solution would be to integrate with an accounting system like QuickBooks. In this case, QB would be the source of truth for invoices and payments and OB would be able to retrieve that information based on PO number (or some other key). This would be somewhat expensive and needs a thorough requirements analysis, but just wanted to mention that as an option.

A much smaller customization we could to expose the order description field and allow you to enter a freeform comment i.e. “Paid in full by check number #1234

Thanks for the response . Am trying out the invoice feature but am not able to get the list of vendors when I try to create one. Maybe have missed a step, But have already created suppliers on locations.

By the way, I accidentally linked to our old documentation on Confluence. You can find the new documentation on Help Scout here.

Invoice vendors are organizations with ROLE_SUPPLIER. To create one follow these steps.

  1. Navigate to Configuration > Organizations

  1. Add a new organization

  1. Add Supplier (ROLE_SUPPLIER) to the organization’s roles.

Thanks, it has worked