Embedded Tomcat in Openboxes war?

Hi All,

I am following the steps mentioned in Application - OpenBoxes till the step when I have to start stop tomcat service.

I get an error message tomcat.service not found.

For the Ubuntu 1804-grails3 installation, there is no tomcat installation. It mentioned the tomcat is embedded in the war. I’m puzzled how this is going to work.

  1. May I know whether there is a need to install tomcat ?

  2. Would it be Tomcat version 8 since the java is using version 8?


I’ll have to run through the instructions myself to troubleshoot. Unfortunately I probably don’t have time today but I’ll investigate as soon as I can.

  1. You do not need to install Tomcat. The WAR file has its own embedded Tomcat that is included as a dependency during the build process. When we run java -jar on the WAR, Spring Boot will boot up Tomcat and launch the application.

  2. It doesn’t really matter which version of Tomcat we use. Tomcat 7, 8, and 9 are all probably compiled with Java 8. The reason we use Tomcat 7 is to ensure consistency as we continue to debug issues related to the Grails 3 migration.

Thanks for the response.

Your response gave me the clue to know what to do.

Since the Tomcat is built in and will boot up when the application is run, there is no need to stop and start the Tomcat.

I only stop and start the application, and I confirmed the Tomcat is launched from looking at the logs.

Thank you.