Email sending settings

We have tested the functionality for sending email, however, we have not been able to receive the emails in the inbox of the specified account. Are there any settings that we are skipping?

Yes, this requires your own mail server configuration. So it depends on what mail service / SMTP server you use. If you let me know what you email service you want to use, I can help you set up your configuration.

For example, I use SendGrid in my local development environment and this is what my configuration looks like.


NOTE: SendGrid actually uses “apikey” as the username. That’s not a placeholder for some API key they provide. This took me a few minutes to realize when I was setting this up so I wanted to mention that.

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Hello Justin.
As you indicate, it was necessary to work a little to solve the issue of sending emails from Openboxes using a Gmail account. I must clarify that it was not my job, the credit goes to my partner Juan. He resolved this issue and wants to share with you and the community how the adjustments were made.
If you or someone needs more details about it, contact me, I don’t know either, but I have the phone number of someone who does know, he is Juan Luna. XD
Using a transactional email service (gmail).docx (208.3 KB)

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Thanks so much for posting the information here. I’ll work on adding it to the Configuration documentation.