Download OpenBoxes (Grails 3) WAR

Download OpenBoxes (Grails 3) WAR

I followed this instruction to download open box.war.

sudo wget

But the file is not found.

Is the link correct?


May I confirm whether this is the right link?

@khorjames i used this and it worked sudo wget

Hey James

Thank you so much for bringing this to my attention.

Our CI/CD software (Bamboo) has an automated cleanup mechanism that deletes artifacts from builds after 7 days. I was almost positive I disabled this last week for the OPENBOXES-SDOD2 build plan but I guess not.

I’ll do that now and rerun the build plan.

In the long-run, the latest version of the Grails 3 application should be available from this build plan, but I haven’t had a chance to configure it yet.

I’ll post back to this thread once the OPENBOXES-SDOD2 build artifact is ready.

Thanks @tendomart

That WAR is for the current release of the application which is based on the main branch, which is still running with Grails 1.3.9.

For longer than I care to admit, we’ve also been working on a migration to Grails 3. This code lives in a long-lived-feature-branch (LLFB).

We rebase this branch on top off the main branch every few months so it always includes the latest release (we’re a release behind at the moment). But we have had some trouble making progress on the bug fixes / refactorings that are required to make this thing ready for release.

But that brings up a good point @tendomart

@khorjames Are you looking for
(a) the latest release of OpenBoxes OR
(b) the latest experimental release of OpenBoxes built using Grails 3

(a) is production-ready
(b) there are lots of bugs and refactoring that are still required to make it production-ready

Nevermind. You provide the answer in your subject line :blush:

Here’s the build that I just started. When this is done (in about 10-15 minutes) you can click on the Artifacts tab and download the WAR file.

Thank you so much! It is working!